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rhbinvest.com.hk is the trading portal of RHB Hong Kong group of companies. Our aim is to provide our clients easy access to the Hong Kong and US stock market through internet. Where time is money, trading online has never been easier to carry out your investing decision instantly. Our online trading system is reliable with security features in place and users are able to execute transactions at the lowest risk.
We also offer real-time quotation services to facilitate our client to make timely investing decision and to capture market opportunities and take control of your portfolio.
  • Real-time market data with broker queue and transaction log
  • Top 20, 52 Week high/ow, block trade
  • Real-time price alerts with pop-up screen and sound alert
  • Real-time charts
  • Listed company fundamentals
  • Local and international financial news
Moreover, our quality research is at your fingertip. Fundamental research materials give you better insights into a company operating environment.