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Fees quoted are in HK$

1. Securities Transaction Cost
Item Description Min / Max
Brokerage 0.25% of transaction amount Min. $100.00
Stamp Duty $1.00 per $1,000 of transaction amount, rounded up to the nearest dollar  
Transaction Levy 0.0027% of transaction amount  
Trading Fee 0.005% of transaction amount  
CCASS Settlement Fee 0.005% of transaction amount
Min. $5.00
Max. $200.00
Transfer Deed $5.00 per transaction deed, seller only  

2. Debit / Credit Interest Rate
Item Description Min / Max
Credit Balance of Client Account Reference saving interest rate of Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong (HK$) Min. $2,500.00
Late Settlement for Cash/Custodian Client Prime rate + 6%  
Debit Balance of Margin Account Prime rate + 3%  

3. Dividend Collection
Item Description Min / Max
Scrip Fee (cash/scrip dividend and bonus warrant/rights) $1.50 per board lot  
Scrip fee (for collection on deemed book close date) $1.00 per board lot  
Collection fee 0.50% of the gross amount of dividend Min. $30.00

4. Corporate Actions Fee
Item Description Min / Max
Warrant conversion; Rights Subscription; or Cash Offer / Open Offer Handling fee $80.00 per event plus reimbursement cost of $0.80 per lot  
Unclaimed Dividend/Bonus Entitlements $300.00 per claim on top of total cost of claim  

5. Other Fees
Item Description Min / Max
Physical Stock Withdrawal $5.00 Per board lot Min. $50.00
Physical Stock Deposit Free  
Stock Registration Fee $2.50 per board lot (script fee included) and $50.00 handling charge for each event  
S.I. (Settlement Instruction) Fee - Delivery to other bank/brokerage firm through CCASS 0.10% of the previous market value Min $100.00 per stock
S.I. (Settlement Instruction) Deposit Free  
Handling Charges for Returned Cheque HK$100  
IPO Subscription - Full payment $50.00  per application  
IPO Subscription - Margin $100.00 per application  
Others All out of pocket expenses for the client's account  
Bought & Sold Note 0.25%, Min $100 Min. $100.00
Audit Confirmation Fee HK$ 200.00 (per confirmation request)  
Postage Fee HK$ 50.00 half year  

Securities Transaction Cost - Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect (Northbound Trading)
Item Description Min / Max
Brokerage 0.25% of transaction amount Min. CNY100.00
Handling Fee 0.00487% of transaction amount  
Securities Management Fee 0.002% of transaction amount  
Transfer Fee 0.004% on face value per side  
Stamp Duty 0.10% of transaction amount (for the seller only)  

N.B.: Future amendments to the above fees and charges might be made from time to time without prior notice.