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系統要求 System Requirement

載有最新版本 Java JRE外掛程式的瀏覽器及TCP/IP 輸出口 8044或443必須處於閒置狀態
Browser with Latest version of JAVA JRE plugins and TCP/IP port 8044 or 443 should be ready for connection.
忘記密碼? Forgot your password?

若閣下忘記了登入名稱或密碼,請聯絡我們的客戶服務主任以取得協助:電話:(852) 2103 9213;馬來西亞免費專線:1-800 81 2810;電郵:rhb.hk.support@rhbgroup.com。若要重設密碼,請準確地提供閣下的登入名稱及聯絡詳情,需時兩個工作天。
If you have forgotten your Password, you can contact our Customer Service Officers for assistance at (852) 2103 9213 or email to rhb.hk.support@rhbgroup.com to reset your password stating precisely your User Name and your contact details. Normally it takes at least 2 working days processing time.